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Yoritomo Ichiro was a bushi of the Mantis Clan in the 12th century.

The Lair Edit

Ichiro was chasing bandits who had been stealing from trade caravans in the roads of the Twilight Mountains when he stumbled across the Lair, a remote valley cut off from the Empire since the early 6th century. He was forced by the Boar Clan to live among them forever, as no one who knew of the Lair could leave it. It was ruled by a daimyo who in different generations had been taken the same name, the Jomei. [1]

Scheming Edit

Ichiro reluctantly agreed to his new situation, and he joined the patrols of the Boar. When he realized how much mineral wealth was within the valley, developed a plan to seize control of the Lair by becoming the next Jomei. A charismatic and likable man, Ichiro began to build up his alliances and connections within the Boar. He intended to arrange a marriage into the ruling line of the Boar Clan and then be in position to be named heir when the current Heichi Jomei passes away. As a back-up plan he would eventually help to liberate some of the other guests from the valley on condition that they would carry a letter back to the Mantis with the Lair's location. [1]

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