Yoritomo Haruna

Yoritomo Haruna

Yoritomo Haruna was a courtier and merchant of the Mantis Clan who worked for Yoritomo Yashinko. [1]

Moto Bloodline Curse Edit

In 1199 the Phoenix Clan spread the discovery that the Moto bloodline was cursed, drawing ill fortune. In front of Yashinko, Haruna, and Moshi Karuiko, the Kitsune Daimyo Kitsune Toshitaka confirmed the astrological report with the Moshi Daimyo Moshi Ikako, who would pass it to the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi. [2]

Renewed Friendship with the Crab Edit

In 1200 the Kuni finished the work of cleansing the taint from the armor, which had been passed by the Mantis to the Crab decades ago. A celebration was held at Kyuden Hida, which was attended by Yoritomo Harumi, and she left the diplomacy to Haruna. [3]

Destruction of the Mantis Edit

This year the Mantis Islands were overrun by a Shadowlands horde that appeared after the destruction of the Third Seal, killing her Lord Hiromi and his siblings. Yashinko assumed the leadership and ordered the Mantis Daimyo to gather at Cold Wind City any Mantis samurai in the mainland, to make a suicidal attempt to take back their homeland. Haruna sent her aide Yoritomo Fuyumi in such task. [4]

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