Please note: This article is about the sister of the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi. For other uses of the term, please see Harumi (disambiguation).
Yoritomo Harumi 
Yoritomo Harumi 
Born: 1172 
Died: 1200, Month of the Boar 
Parents: Yoritomo Naizen,
un-named Kitsune 
Siblings: Yoritomo Hiromi,
Yoritomo Dairu

Yoritomo Harumi was an earth and thunder shugenja of the Mantis Clan, and the sister of the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi.

Family Edit

Harumi's father, Yoritomo Naizen, was married to an un-named Kitsune [1] niece of the Kitsune Daimyo, Kitsune Ryukan. [2] In 1172 she gave birth to twins, [3] Harumi and her brother Yoritomo Hiromi. [4] Yoritomo Dairu was another brother, and her personal yojimbo. [5]

Embracing the Kami Edit

Naizen had been presumed dead at sea in 1175, [6] ending a long-whistanding complaint of the Lion against the Mantis, for their involvement in the Battle of Toshi Ranbo during the Khan's Defiance. [7] Harumi, who had been born minutes ahead of her twin brother Hiromi, forsook all claim to the championship to take up the duties of a priestess. [8]

Renewed Friendship with the Crab Edit

In 1200 the Kuni finished the work of cleansing the taint from the armor, which had been passed by the Mantis to the Crab decades ago. A celebration was held at Kyuden Hida, which was attended by Harumi and she left the diplomacy to Yoritomo Haruna. Yasuki Nakura lobbied the Mantis aid to the Kaiu Wall, and in turn, he gave to Harumi a scroll regarding Yoritomo Aramasu, [9] whose ashes were being under the scrutiny of the Scorpion Clan, who wished to bring them to the Traitor's Grove. [10] The Mantis sent a group to the Grove, stealing the sacred daggers used to bind the souls to the trees. [11]

Death Edit

In 1200 Harumi was wounded when fighting against the rebellious Spider Clan. Her Clan learned that the Third Seal laid within a temple on the bottom of Thunder Dragon Bay, and that the Mantis Islands would be invaded by the hordes of Jigoku. After her brother Hiromi entrusted the Mantis Clan Charter to Tsuruchi Kaito, all the brothers joined their Clan, dying against the Shadowlands creatures that overrun the defenders during the Battle of the Third Seal. [12]

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