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Yoritomo Haruko was a samurai-ko of the Mantis Clan.

Pirate Edit

Haruko was a brusque and bold wild woman, who refused to back down from any confrontation. She was the captain of Suitengu's Spear, and engaged in numerous acts of piracy against other clans. [1]

Eternal Danger Islands Edit

Haruko was called by Yoritomo Zukaro to the City of the Prosperous Dawn with the promise of wealth and fame, and the task of undermining the Imperial administrator Miya Onako. She sailed the Spear all through the archipelago, seeking any sort of advantage which might help her clan to seize control. [1]

Abomination Ally Edit

In one of the islands Haruko led a landing party, and she was cut off from her crew when they were ambushed by a gang of mujina spewed forth from a portal to Sakkaku, the Realm of Mischief. Haruko fled and she stumbled into the Stillborn Pool, a sacred place for the Naga Abomination called the Adkarst. They eventually came into an agreement, the Mantis protection of the Pool from other humans, and in return, the Adkarst would secretly aid her clan against the others. Haruke returned with her crew, wishing to unleash her new ally onto the enemies of the Mantis. [1]

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