Yoritomo Hameko was a courtier of the Mantis Clan who lived in the Colonies, at Kalani's Landing. He used to play go with Akodo Makotai and Shiba Iaimiko. In 1198 he introduced Doji Iza and the Colonial head mediator Daigotsu Subudi to the city governor, Yoritomo Kanahashi, where they would have an audience about the current Mantis-Crane War in the Colonies. [1] The senior courtier Yoritomo Sachina led the negotaions with Iza's sensei, Doji Rengetsu, but the talks between the parties came into a state of uselessness. [2] Shortly after a Crane fleet came from an unknown base and attacked the Landing. As honored guests Iza and Rengetsu were allowed to join the ship of Daidoji Tametaka, the Crane general, instead to be seized as prisoners. Sachina wished to find out which ship was the general’s, to track it back to whereever the Crane came from. [3]


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