Yoritomo Egumi

Yoritomo Egumi

Yoritomo Egumi was the commander of the ninth Imperial Legion. [1]

Blood Hunt Edit

Samui Kaze Toshi Edit

In 1166 during the Blood Hunt a Mantis army led by Tsuruchi Okame disembarked in the Earthquake Fish Bay to join the Ninth Imperial Legion under the command of Yoritomo Egumi. [2] They attacked a cultist cell in Samui Kaze Toshi in the aftermath of the death of Iuchiban. [3]

Temple of Osano-Wo Edit

Egumi and the Legion fought Bloodspeakers in Crab lands at the Temple of Osano-Wo. [4]

Kaiu Wall Edit

After three Crab villages in the Plains of Thunder had been cleaned from cultists, the army followed a trail that came to the Kaiu Wall. The bloodspeakers there had been fled to join Daigotsu in the Shadowlands or killed by his loyalists. [2]

Kudo Edit

Egumi and his men travelled to Kudo, in Hare lands, to assist Usagi Oteko with bloodspeakers. Following tracks the Legion encountered the Grasping Paw Tribe led by Chi'kel, who had also been attacked by the bloodspeakers. The Nezumi assisted in tracking down the bloodspeakers, and then slaughtered almost all of them when they were finally found. Egumi returned to Kudo to report to Oteko. [4]

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