Yoritomo Daishiro

Yoritomo Daishiro

Yoritomo Daishiro was a bushi and magistrate of the Mantis Clan.

Rikugunshokan Edit

Daishiro was Rikugunshokan of the Third Storm. [1]

Brigands Edit

In 1169 Daishiro requested a yoriki to take care of a number of incidents involving heimin owned businesses in the village he was the magistrate. Some places had been damaged and there had been some injuries, and even one death. Yoritomo Eriko was appointed and they found the brigand leader, Kanadzuchi. Daishiro was wounded but the bandit and his gang were killed with the aid of Tsuruchi Masako. [2]

Station Edit

Daishiro became principle magistrate of the newly Mantis village of Houritsu Mura. [3]

Lion problems Edit

Daishiro sent Eriko and Masako to Mura Sabishii Toshi, a village recently owned by the Mantis after they bought the majority of the holdings of the former Crane city. A number of Lion had arrived in and through dueling had reverted the control of two of the holdings back to the Crane. It seemed the Lion were intent on killing the city back into the Crane's domain, and they must find a way to stop them. [2]

Celestial Tournament Edit

In 1170 Daishiro competed in the Celestial Tournament held at Seppun Hill to choose the new Emperor. In the starting duel he confronted Daidoji Yaichiro. [3] The tournament winner was Kitsuki Iweko, who became the divine Iweko I. [4]

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