Please note: This article is about the brother to the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi. For other uses of the term, please see Dairu (disambiguation).
Yoritomo Dairu 
Yoritomo Dairu 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1200, Month of the Boar 
Parents: Yoritomo Naizen,
un-named Kitsune 
Siblings: Yoritomo Hiromi,
Yoritomo Harumi

Yoritomo Dairu was a bushi, and kensai of the Mantis Clan.

Family Edit

Dairu was brother to the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Hiromi and yojimbo to their sister Yoritomo Harumi. [1]

Dark Naga Assault Edit

Dairu was one of the samurai present in the Second City in 1199, when the Dark Naga assaulted the city. He alongside other Mantis fought the Dark Naga assailants. [2]

The Currency of War Edit

A merchant caravan with Tsuruchi papers was detained in a Crane pass of the Spine of the World Mountains, and its leader, a ronin named Tarui, was detained and perished under extremely questionable circumstances. At Toshi Ranbo Dairu approached Daidoji Hirota, warning the Crane for the incident, which rapidly escalated into a conflict between the Crane and Mantis Clans. A cease fire was brokered after the Crane replaced the Mantis losses from their caravan. [3]

Imperial Court Edit

Dairu was appointed as representative of the Mantis Clan at the Imperial Court in Toshi Ranbo, dealing with his brother's interests during the time Hiromi was in the Colonies. He took Tsuruchi Taito as a member of his entourage. His brother eventually returned to mainland Rokugan during the season of the Twenty Festivals in 1200, alongside Iweko Shibatsu and Yoritomo Saigo. [4]

Death Edit

In 1200 the Mantis learned that the Third Seal laid within a temple on the bottom of Thunder Dragon Bay, and that the Mantis Islands would be invaded by the Spider Clan and their hordes of Jigoku. After his brother Hiromi entrusted the Mantis Clan Charter to Tsuruchi Kaito, all the brothers joined their Clan, dying against the Shadowlands creatures that overrun the defenders during the Battle of the Third Seal. [5]

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Yoritomo Dairu


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