Yoritomo Chimori

Yoritomo Chimori

Yoritomo Chimori was a Mantis pirate captain who found enlightenment.

Pirate Edit

Chimori was the captain of the kobune Jigoku's Razor. He commanded several ships within the Mantis fleets, fleets dedicated to protecting' Mantis waters. Chimori had sunk a Sparrow ship commanded by the Sparrow Clan Champion's cousin [1] as part of the Mantis' piracy under the rule of Yoritomo Kumiko. [2]

Smuggling Operation Edit

Yoritomo Chimori 2

Yoritomo Chimori

Chimori operated a smuggling operation from the island Aramasu's Pride, supplying the exiled Mirumoto Gengyo with food and weapons in return for Yobanjin treasures of the Sons of The Mountain Tribe. It was exposed by Yasuki Hachi. While Chimori technically was not charged with any crime, he was assigned by Yoritomo Kumiko as a diplomat in the Sparrow lands in 1165. [1] He was believed to have been killed in a duel by the Sparrow Daimyo's nephew, due to his involvement in the sinking of a Sparrow ship. [3] [1] The nephew was a skilled duelist trained by Kakita Noritoshi himself.

Enlightenment Edit

Chimori awoke days after the duel, the searing pain from the wound in his chest a strange reminder that he was still alive. The ronin sensei Chiang-Tsu, who officiated over the duel, had saved him by falsely declaring him dead. Chiang-Tsu tended to Chimori's wounds for over a year, all the while teaching him of philosophy, theology and Bushido. With his wounds healed, Chimori returned to the empire a changed man. [4]

Seeking Redemption Edit

Chimori came to Exile's Road Watchtower, a Unicorn village where many of the inhabitants had fallen in disgrace and came there to seek redemption. There he found some kind of peace for his battered soul. [5]

War of Dark Fire Edit

In 1170 the Army of Fire invaded the Empire. News arrived that the nearby Far North Village had been attacked by yobanjin. Chimori aided the Unicorn to defend against an attack of men, cloaked in flames, against the tower. After the fight he found the dead were Unicorn, their will twisted by Chosai, the Dark Oracle of Fire. [5]

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