Yoritomo Bunmei

Yoritomo Bunmei

Yoritomo Bunmei was a bushi and pirate of the Mantis Clan.

Dices Edit

Bunmei was luck with his dice. It was said he carved them from the bones of a dead Fortune. [1]

Forest Killers Edit

In 1167 Bummei worked alongside the Unicorn half-naga Akasha to defeat the bandits known as the Forest Killers. Bunmei was sailing in the River of Gold near Zakyo Toshi when the cargo of his kobune was theft by the bandits, who raced toward the Shinomen Forest. The leader of the Forest Killers was a former Unicorn, Ide Nomari. Akasha aided Bunmei following the trucks and hunted Nomari down with several of her gang. [2]

Shori Edit

Shortly after the defeat of Ide Nomari the Lotus Sword of the Mantis, Shori, was given by the Jade Champion Asahina Sekawa to Yoritomo Naizen, who entrusted it to Bunmei. [2] Naizen instructed Bunmei to always wield the blade with the Mantis and the Empire in mind, and the young pirate had made a name for himself doing just that. Bunmei was now known as a captain who would fight to save any cargo, and had become somewhat of a role model for young Yoritomo samurai and sailors. [3]

Revolutionaries Edit

In 1168 was in the docks of Mura Sabishii Toshi where he met again Akasha. His kobune had a cargo of dried fish for the Unicorn troops. They saw in the distance a smoke column in the Ronin Plains, and came to investigate. The villagers and farmers were under the attack of revolutionaries. The samurai aided the local to defeat them. Their leader told they came from the nearby scorpion territory where the Fortune Bishamon had razed their farmlands. The Prophet of the Dark Lotus, Kokujin, had encouraged them against the samurai caste and began to kill and destroy those who did not join them. [2]

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