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Yoritomo Al-Zayan 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Al-Zayan,
Unnamed Rokugani mother

Yoritomo Al-Zayan of House Watanabe was the harbourmaster of Broken Wave City.

Family Edit

Al-Zayan was the son of a Rokugani mother who met his father while visiting the Ivory Kingdoms. The half-breed boy was the result, and the Mantis allowed him to be fostered to the Watanabe family where he took his father's name Al-Zayan.[1]

Early Rise to Fame Edit

When it came to matters of shipping and sailing, Al-Zayan possessed an almost preternatural affinity. Within a few years of his gempukku he had already designed several innovations in ship designs. Ships with keels laid by Al-Zayan quickly became the most sought-after, which eventually brought him to the attention of the Mantis Clan Champion Yoritomo Kumiko.[1]

Kumiko's Duties Edit

Al-Zayan's principles were applied to warship, and he was given a position on Kumiko's personal staff. Kumiko also used Al-Zayan's innovations in hopes that they would prove an advantage against an inevitable confrontation with the Dark Wave fleet.[1]

Broken Wave City Edit

Kumiko's successor, Yoritomo Naizen, retained Al-Zayan on his retinue after Kumiko's death, but quickly reassigned him to Broken Wave City. The growing need for his talents there were immediately apparent to Al-Zayan, who recognized that the nascent port was poorly designed and suggested changes to the Interim Governor Yoritomo Ninsei.[2]

Harbourmaster Edit

Despite Al-Zayan's gaijin appearance and heritage, and membership of a vassal family, he became the Harbourmaster, one of the most powerful positions in Broken Wave City. In a clan of very skilled mariners, Al-Zayan was amongst the most capable.[1] Ninsei had immediately been impressed with the young shipwright's work that he named him harbourmaster and gave him leave to design the port facilities as he saw fit.[2]

Accomplishments Edit

It was Al-Zayan's foresight that meant that when the docks in the Bay of Thunder required extending to accomodate the Third Storm, only a few months disruption were sufferent.[3] His expertise was also essential to the successful administration of the Fishers Quarters, which accomodated such a vast amount of small ships which provided the city with a daily source of fish.[4]

Enemies Edit

Al-Zayan's heritage and rapid rise brought with it some who bore little love for the man. More than a few, including the commander of the Third Storm, would have liked to see the shipwright gone from the city.[2]

Appearence and Demeanor Edit

Al-Zayan was an unassuming man most noted for his exotic gaijin features and a shipboard injury which left him lame. He would be more interested in solving practical problems than becoming embroiled in the cynical and manipulative world of politics.[2]

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