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Yoritomo's Kama

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Yoritomo's Kama 
Yoritomo's Kama
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Yoritomo
Currently in the possession of: Yoritomo Hiromi

Yoritomo's Kama were the kama wielded by Yoritomo.

Appearance and History Edit

The twin kama had the handles wrapped in green silk. They were not forged for Yoritomo, they were in fact just a common pair that he picked up. Being wielded by the Son of Storms for so long awakened them, and they were now unquestionably the most powerful kama in the Empires history. [1]

Abilities Edit

These were originally a pair of simple weapons Yoritomo snatched from the ground, but they had been awakened by the strength of Yoritomo's legend. [2] The blades would teleport themselves to one another when separated by more than ten feet, returning the one that was farthest from the true Mantis Clan Champion. [3]

Yoritomo Edit

The kama were the trademark weapon of Yoritomo, and wielded them during his death in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate facing Goju Adorai. His heir, Yoritomo Aramasu, carried his kama from the battle. [4]

Kumiko Edit

After the death of Yoritomo, and with his daughter still not revealed, Yoritomo Aramasu hid them until it would be the time to pass to the Daughter of Storms, Yoritomo Kumiko. [5] When she was publicy revealed, the twin kama were at her hands. [6] They were lost to the sea during the duel between Kumiko and her nemesis Yoritomo Kitao during the Battle of Broken Waves in 1167. [3]

Anshu Edit

Somehow the Kama reached to Anshu, the half-gaijin secret son of Yoritomo Aramasu, who lived in the coastline of the Ivory Kingdoms. [7]

Blessings of the Thunder Dragon Edit

In 1200 the Thunder Dragon was visited by Yoritomo Hiromi, and told him that a Dark Torment would test the Mantis. She could not interfere, but the Dragon blessed the Yoritomo's Kama, so Jigoku could not take them. [8]

Wielders of the Kama Edit

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