RPG Information Edit

Yoriko no Oni

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Shugenja 5
Air 7 Earth 7 Fire 7 Water 7
Attack 10k7
Damage 8k8
Armor 9
TN to be Hit 20
Wounds 20: -1
40: -2
60: -3
100: Dead

Special ability Edit

The shugenja have difficulties to summon the Kami near Yoriko no Oni. Additonally when a spell was cast succesfully the Shugenja suffers several wounds from Yoriko's evil aura.

Spells Edit

Calling the Elements, Call Upon the Wind, Castle of water]], Command the Mind, Cloak of Night, Earthquake, Earth's Stagnation, Fire From Within, Fist of Osano-Wo, Fury of Osano-Wo, Inflame, Know the Mind, Path to Inner Peace, Reversal of Fortunes, Strike at the Roots, Ties That Bind.

Maho Spells Edit

Summon Swamp Spirits, Summon Revenant, Touch of Death.

Major References Edit

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