Yomanri was a skill most commonly taught in the Unicorn Clan. It utilised Agility rather than reflexes when firing a bow. [1] The main purpose was to carefully aim instead of the faster method of shooting provided by Kyujutsu, which relied more on instinctive aim, feel and experience. [2] The Unicorn Yomanri Archer school teach this gaijin style of archery which the clan calls "A archer draws his arrow to his cheek and sights down the shaft, then releases it once he is confident in his aim." [3]

First Time Edit

In 935 happened Rokugan's first encounter with the art of yomanri, when the general Shinjo Tarajin pieced the neck of the Soshi Daimyo Soshi Arashi from a quarter mile, when the Scorpion had appeared on the walls of Shiro no Soshi. [4]

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