Yokai were the spirits of the corrupted. Those who willingly embraced Fu Leng were barred from Yomi and had to live in Jigoku to atone for their corruption. They were the Ancestors of the tainted, but tried to live vicariously through their chosen host rather than guide and help them. [1] Few yokai resisted the energies of Jigoku, but these rare ones carved their own tiny domain out of the blackness. [2]

Appearance Edit

Yokai were not the ghosts of the dead, but the ghosts of the living. While its host was sleeping, the yokai would rise and wander into the waking world. Yokai were invisible but could choose to become visible. In this form they were pale, maddened spirits with bloodstained clothing. Yokai sought only pain and destruction. [3]

Shimizu Yokai Edit

Shimizu Yokai were a particular type of yokai who retained full memories of their mortal lives and experiences. They were bitter, malevo­lent creatures who existed only to cause misery in others. [4]

Notable Yokai Edit

Yokai no Junzo

Yogo Junzo's Yokai

Redeemed Edit

The Blessed Guard, shiryo samurai from Yomi, made forays in Jigoku to liberate them, imprisoning the damned souls within the Realm of Blessed Ancestors. Many yokai came to understand their failure while imprisoned, and then went on to Meido to be reincarnated and redeem themselves. [19]

1000 Years of Darkness Edit

In the nightmare realm known as the Thousand Years of Darkness there was another known Yokai;

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