The Yogo Towers Dojo was the main dojo of the Yogo Shugenja school.

Moving the Dojo Edit

When the Yogo family reorganized in the wake of Yogo Junzo's betrayal, they chose a new home for their primary shugenja school. Yogo Shiro remained the family's seat of power, but their principal school was relocated to the renamed Yogo Towers. The stark yet elegant style typical for the Legions had been stripped away, replaced by the severe, menacing Yogo style. Like the kinsmen who studied at Yogo Shiro, those who studied at the Yogo Towers were already at a substantial penalty because of their family's poor reputation. While the Towers were feared and missunderstood by many, they are not fforded any special considerations in court. [1]

Sensei Edit

The sensei of the dojo trained their students to be perceptive above all else, for the weak mind would overlook things that a well-trained samurai could turn to his advantage. [1]

References Edit

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