Yogo Shugenja was the Yogo family school which trained their connection to the kami from their Phoenix Clan origin. Also, as the guardians of the Black Scrolls, the Yogo family undertook a great deal of research in creating magic that would keep out those who wished to break the seals of the Scrolls. This magic was called kuwasu, or Warden magic (wards). [1]

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Yogo shugenja had an affinity in Air magic and ward magic.

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Traditionally, the main dojo of the Yogo Shugenja school was located at Shiro Yogo, the main home of the Yogo family. In the wake of Yogo Junzo's betrayal the Yogo family reorganized, chosing a new home for their primary shugenja school. Shiro Yogo remained the family's seat of power, but their principal school was relocated to the renamed Yogo Towers. However, a more specialized dojo remained at Shiro Yogo. There was also a third shugenja group, the Kuroiban, who didn't have a physical dojo to ensure the secrecy of the group. [2]

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