Yogo Osako

Yogo Osako

Yogo Osako was a bushi magistrate of the Scorpion Clan.

Training Edit

Osako trained in the Bayushi Bushi school and was appointed as a chief magistrate to the Ryoko Owari's governor, Shosuro Hyobu. [1]

Opium trade Edit

Osako quickly demonstrated her willingness to bend the laws for Hyobu, who was also the leader of the opium Shosuro cartel, and became an unofficial enforcer for the criminal organization. [2]

Demeanor Edit

Osako was alienated from her own feelings. She concentrated hard on being logical, and self-controlled that she was apart from feelings. As side-effects she unemotionally pursued her duties and from time to time Osako's emotions exploded. [2]

Jocho Edit

Hyobu's son, Shosuro Jocho, was one of her explosions, and passionatelly sought to get his romantic attentions. [2] Her secret was discovered by Shiba Shonagon, a former lover of Jocho, [3] but her love was not expose until Shonagon's Memoirs of an Opium Eater was posthumously published. [4]

Tainted naginata Edit

Osako bought to the weaponsmith Kaiu Shinya a naginata he had crafted of fine quality. In 1122 Shinya was exposed as a Shadowlands creature, and their weapons possibly tainted. Osako surrendered her naginata, which was proven cursed. [5]

Opium War Edit

Osako did not work actively against or favoring any of the opium cartels during the Opium War. After Bayushi Otado, son of the late leader of the Bayushi cartel Bayushi Korechika, was killed by Otaku Naishi in an unathorized duel a Blood Feud was issued against her. Osako supported Bayushi Saigo to confront the Unicorn, who was refuged in the Magistrate Residence after Naishi made a confession in detail describing a conspiracy behind the War. Naishi was forced by Unicorn and Scorpion Clans to be duel with Saigo and died. [6]

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