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Yogo Masuhiro 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Un-named Son,
Yogo Koji 
Titles: Yogo Daimyo

Yogo Masuhiro was the Yogo family daimyo after the Scorpion Clan was reinstated. [1]

Family Edit

He had two sons, the younger of which was Yogo Koji. [1]

Churetsu Edit

The Scorpion Clan Champion, Bayushi Yojiro, commanded Masuhiro to work his family's potent ward magic upon the chamber which guarded Churetsu, the Celestial Sword of the Scorpion. A hundred copies of the blade carried subtle enchantments that served three purposes. First, the blades were kept free of dust. Second, the blades would randomly exchange places with one another each night. Third, any who touched a false Churetsu died in a paroxysm of pain. Masuhiro also enchanted Churetsu, ensuring the blade would return to this chamber upon Yojiro's death.[2]

Yogo Curse Edit

Masuhiro, Koji's wife and child were killed by a group of cultists of the Moon because of his family curse. Masuhiro's elder son inherited the position as daimyo after his death. [1]

Preceded by:
Clan disbanded
Yogo Daimyo
1128 - ?
Succeeded by:
'Masuhiro's Eldest Son'


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