Yogo Mana 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Yogo Tamaki

Yogo Mana was living in Beiden with her father Yogo Tamaki.

Fell in Love Edit

Mana fell in love of Akodo Yoshibaru, a Lion bushi stationed there. When the Beiden Pass was collapsed in 1150 to end the War of Spirits the city diminished its importance and trade traffic. Yoshibaru was recalled to other duties and left the city. [1]

Kyoso's Prey Edit

Mana believed that Yoshibaru left to marry another, and her dreams were filled with anger and vengeance. Kyoso no Oni, an Oni Lord vanished to Jigoku by Daigotsu, saw her as a tool to came back to the Mortal Realm. The oni had fed upon these dreams, driving her to murder local shugenja. When Mara had murdered enough rokugani, Kyoso would consume her soul completely and the Oni Lord would occupy Mara's body. [1]

Investigated Edit

The bloody tracks had reached the investigators to her chamber. Mana had bloodstained feet and had hidden a bloodstained kimono and dagger beneath the floor boards in her room. She seemed dazed if questioned, as if in a dream, without recall killing the shugenja. [1]

Conclusion Edit

It was not known if the investigators stopped Kyoso attempt to consum Mara to respawn herself, or if the Oni Lord achieved its goal, destroying Mana in the process.


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