Yogo Maiku was a courtier of the Scorpion Clan.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Maiku was an open-faced and elegant courtier, and wore very little in the way of a mask. His hair was white at a young age, worn in a loose ponytail, in the popular Crane style. [1]

Governor Edit

Maiku became the governor of Zakyo Toshi in 1170, after the Scorpion Clan annexed of the city. He was tasked to find where the flow of smuggled goods was coming into the city and take control of it. Maiku also had to find the hidden base of a group calling themselves the “Spider Clan”. [2]

Scorpion Shrine Edit

Maiku instituted several civic projects in the city, showing his good will to the people. The largest was the construction the Scorpion Shrine, intended to venerate several Scorpion ancestors, most notably Bayushi himself, Bayushi Tangen, and Bayushi Shoju. The shrine concealed a small tunnel down to the smugglers' caverns beneath the city, to stockpile supplies, hide contraband goods, and move troops quietly. [3]

Power Struggle Edit

Maiku intended to subvert or crush the local gangs to consolidate his power base there. He also attempted to break the power of the Merchant Council, who had ruled the city since its foundation. His advisor Bayushi Chou suggested they had to gain control of several of the seats in Council, and to do so Maiku began a planned sabotage of the Laughing Cat, with the intention of arranging the purchase of his business once he became sufficiently desperate, and one step further wold give the Scorpion a seat on the Council. [4]

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