Yogo Koreyasu was one of the Scorpion tasked to build the Imperial Palace at Otosan Uchi. Along with the rest of the builders he was forced to remain inside the building until he died, to keep its secrets from leaking. [1]

Scorpion's Tale Edit

On the eve of the structure's anniversary he managed to send a design to the Kaiu and Crane, about the decoration of the walls behind the Imperial Palace. He devised a series of incredible waterfalls along the Forbidden City wall, where the light reflected each morning depicting the early days of Otosan Uchi and the Battle of Four Winds from one end to the other. It was majestic to behold, a rainbow image captured and enhanced by the kami of the River of the Sun, and it was called the Scorpion's Tale. [1]

Concealed Message Edit

Once a year, when the afternoon sun set at just the correct angle, another image was depicted, the curling tail of a scorpion, reminder of the Scorpion's sacrifice for the Emperor. [2]


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