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Yogo Kazuki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Yogo Fujitani

Yogo Kazuki was the husband of Yogo Fujitani, a Foxwife.

Married with a Foxwife Edit

Kazuki was a minor functionary of his family, not trusted with any important responsibilities because he was not a shugenja and also because of the Yogo Curse. He married Yogo Fujitani, and was sent to serve at Ryoko Owari. They grew to truly love each other, and she revealed her true nature, a Kitsune, a fox spirit made human. Eventually, he foolishly told his superior of his wife's secret, who sent a shugenja to kept her captive for interrogation about the secrets of Chikushudo. One of her taboos was that she could never be touched by the magic of a shugenja. When Fujitani was touched by a spell, her human form dissipated and she was once again a spirit. [1]


  1. Unexpected Allies 2, p. 60

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