Yogo Jitte 
Yogo Jitte
Created by: Founder of the Kuroiban
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Yogo Rieko

The Yogo Jitte were the badge of office for the head of the Kuroiban. Many replicas of the original had been fashioned for other agents of the organization, were also called Yogo Jittes and had much of the same properties of the original. [1] It was crafted by the founder of the Kuroiban, and a number of copies had been made over the centuries. [2]

Appearance Edit

The jitte was made out of wood, and the central prong ha a blunt tip. the secondary prong was also made of wood with blunt tip. The handle was made from several layers of densely woven leather strands. [3]

Abilities Edit

In the hands of a shugenja increased the caster performance and its melee abilities. The jitte could store one spell within it to be used when required. [3]

External Links Edit


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