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RPG Information Edit

Yogo Itoju, Founder of the Kuroiban

Statistics Edit

School/Rank Yogo Shugenja / 4
Kuroiban (Insight Rank 3)
Honor 4.5
Status 2.5
Glory 2.0
Air 4 Earth 3 Fire 2 Water 3 Void 4
Reflexes 4 Stamina 3 Agility 2 Strength 3
Awareness 4 Willpower 4 Intelligence 6 Perception 3

Advantages Edit

Disadvantages Edit

Skills Edit

Calligraphy (Cipher) 2
Courtier (Manipulation) 1
Defense 3
Divination (Astrology) 2
Etiquette 2
Investigation 3
Kenjutsu 2
Lore: Maho 3
Lore: Shugenja 1
Lore: Theology 1
Meditation 2
Spellcraft (Importune, Spell Research) 3

Spells Edit

Sense, Commune, Summon, Symbol of Air, Symbol of Earth, Symbol of Water, Jade Strike, Armor of earth, By the Light of the Moon, Hidden Visage, Secrets on the Wind, To Seek the Truth, Path to Inner Peace, Wisdom and Clarity, Extinguish.

Major References Edit

  • Great Clans, page 217

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