Please note: This article is about the founder of the kuroiban. For other uses of the term, please see Yogo Itoju (disambiguation).
Yogo Itoju (I) 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Un-named Yogo Daimyo,
un-named younger brother

Yogo Itoju was a powerful shugenja [1] and the founder of the kuroiban. He had a descendant who chose the same name -- Yogo Itoju. [2]

Family Edit

Yogo Itoju was the Yogo Daimyo's younger brother. [1]

Iuchiban's threat Edit

Itoju was a young apprentice of the Soshi Shugenja who bound himself in the Tomb of Iuchiban. Itoju took the notes of his sensei and created an elaborate system of warding. Itoju shared his knowledge with the Kuni family, and started a relationship between the Yogo and Kuni. [3]

Creation of the Kuroiban Edit

In the 5th century, after the armies of Iuchiban were destroyed, some Scorpion Clan members feared that the circumstances that created Iuchiban could occur again. Itoju feared that the Asako Inquisitors and Kuni Witch Hunters that had dedicated themselves to defending Rokugan against such threats were not enough. The Scorpion reasoned that the most dangerous maho cults were those that existed beyond the eyes of the law, so the only group that could defend the Empire against such threats had to be an organization that did not officially exist -- an organization that was not bound by the laws of the Empire. Itoju approached the Emperor directly, requesting his permission to found a brotherhood of maho-hunting shugenja that would serve at his command. The Emperor agreed, and Itoju created the Kuroiban. [4]

Retired Edit

His youngest brother and second-in-command was captured by a Bloodspeaker cult, and Itoju was forced to allow him to be killed in order to buy the time the Kuroiban needed to discover the cult's allies. Itoju had fallen to the Yogo Curse. He never recovered from the loss of his brother, and retired to a monastery shortly thereafter. [1]

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