Yogo Ichinore was the Yogo family daimyo.

Tesaguri's Treachery Edit

Ichinore in 445 discovered that Bayushi Tesaguri, the son of Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Junzen, had sold the fourth, fifth and sixth Black Scrolls to the Phoenix Clan. Ichinore informed Junzen about this, and Tesaguri fled. When Tesaguri was caught the Yogo tied him to a tree and trapped his soul within it forever, in the place later knwon the Traitor's Grove. [1]

Kenshin's Helm Edit

Ichinore and the others who came for Tesaguri were the first to recognize the subtle touch of maho upon a kabuto wore by Tesaguri, the Kenshin's Helm. The helm was a powerful nemuranai of the Miya family, but it was deemed too dangerous to be left in Traitor's Grove, so Ichinore assumed the responsibility of protecting the helm from being used again. He hid the cursed thing in the same location as the Eleventh Black Scroll, the Doom of Fu Leng, in a deep cave in Road's End Village, within Phoenix lands. [2]

Preceded by:
Yogo Daimyo
(c. 445)
Succeeded by:


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