Yogo Honami

Yogo Honami

Yogo Honami was a courtier, shugenja and spirit of the Scorpion Clan who served the Scorpion loyally in life and continued to do so after her death. [1]

Demeanor and Appearance Edit

Honami was a short, gray-haired old woman with dim brown eyes and legs that vanished a few inches above where her ankles would have been. She had little patience. [2] Honami was an uncanny judge of character, and managed to know the reputation of most of the samurai in the Empire. She disliked the current trend among attractive young Scorpion women of openly dressing as seductresses. [3]

Advisor to Paneki Edit

She resided in a remote wing of Kyuden Bayushi, and was a respected advisor and had the ear of the Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Paneki. So much so that he sent Shosuro Mizuno and Bayushi Kurumi to ask her advice on which members of the Dragon Clan to nominate as ambassadors to Medinat al-Salaam. She invited the two women to return for tea, as she has little company on a daily basis, her only interaction being a weekly game of go with an unknown opponent. [2]

Paneki's Disgrace Edit

Honami advised to her Lord Bayushi Nitoshi, that his father, now the zombie known as Paneki's Disgrace, would visit her. [4]

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