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Yogo Hatsumi

Yogo Hatsumi

Yogo Hatsumi was the Ward Master of the Scorpion Clan, a shugenja specialized in creating and mantaining wards magic.

Ward Master of Yogo Shiro Edit

Although she was not the daimyo her family or the sensei of the Yogo Shiro dojo, Yogo Hatsumi was neverthless among the most powerful shugenja in the Scorpion Clan. When members of other families required something to be protected, they always requested Hatsumi's assistance. She was owed countless favors by dozens of important individuals throughout the clan and the Empire. She had never called any of them in, but if the need arose she could easily command the aid of any Great Clan. [1]

Facemasks Edit

Hatsumi was surprisingly straightforward for a Scorpion. Many suspected her honesty was some sort of façade. Hatsumi did not use a traditional Scorpion mask, but rather carried a number of handled facemasks that she held before her to represent her various moods. [1]

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