Yogo Haruto

Yogo Haruto

Yogo Haruto was an air shugenja and commander of the Scorpion Clan.

Scorpion General Edit

Haruto was devoid of anything resembling scruples or a conscience. Hauto was the commander of the Scorpion forces during the War of the Twins. [1]

Bleeding the Agasha Edit

The Scorpion made havoc in the Agasha holdings in 1191 when Haruto set a plan to bleed one of the Phoenix families. The scorpion reached Kyuden Agasha before the Festival of Leaves began. When the festival finished, explosives planted by Shosuro Hawado within the Phoenix stroghold were set, cleaning the entrance to Kyuden Agasha. The Fall of Kyuden Agasha was won by the Scorpion through ninja sabotage. [2]

Lion Left the War Edit

In 1193 a suicidal attack of Scorpion forces reached the enemy general's tent using dishonorable means, and killed Shiba Mitsushen. Haruto had prepared several ofuda which were used to create a billowing cloud of thick, and any samurai within the greenish smoke was phisically sick the second they came in. Despite Mitsushen's death, the Phoenix gained the day following his plan. [2] Shortly after the Lion left the Scorpion and revealed their treachery in the battlefield. [3] His advisor Shosuro Konishi considered the Lion excellent soldiers, but Haruto rtorted that their departure was inevitable, and had long been anticipated. [4]

Scorpion Victory Edit

Eventually his lord Bayushi Nitoshi won a personal duel to Shiba Tsukimi, and the Phoenix conceded defeat. [2]

Writings Edit

Haruto wrote in his journal all the military knowledge he had gathered. [5]

Ivory Court Edit

Seiken and Shibatsu at Court

Haruto at Ivory Court

Haruto joined the Ivory Court, and saw the struggle among the Empress's sons in their race to become the selected Imperial Heir. [6]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

Eventually Nitoshi and half of his clan offered their services to the rebellious enemy leader, Daigotsu Kanpeki, and he was rewarded as a traitor to the Empire. Amika and Yogo Haruto moved to Rengai Mura, where the Rokugani forces led by Akodo Dairuko had withdrawn after their defeat in the Seikitsu Pass. Amika gifted the Oni's Eye to the Lion Clan Champion, so Dairuko would learn that that Nitoshi had been instrumental to secure the Iweko family out of Toshi Ranbo when Kanpeki had stormed the Imperial City. The Scorpion Champion died dueling Kanpeki in the Imperial Throne Room, as a true Rokugani hero. [7]

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