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Please note: This article is about the spy in guise as Kakita Nantoko. For other uses of the term, please see Bashiko (disambiguation).
Yogo Bashiko 
Born: Unknown 
Died: (c. 1121)

Yogo Bashiko was a Scorpion spy in Crane guise as Kakita Nantoko.

Crane guise Edit

Nantoko was one of the maidservant of Hantei XXXVIII's niece, Otomo Yoroshiku who had been announced as ellegible to marriage by her uncle the Emperor. She had been sent to 'maneuver' the Imperial Princess into marriage with a Scorpion-chosen candidate. [1]

Winter Court Edit

Hida Yauta and Kitsu Saia were the other maidservants of Yoroshiku. Saia was the youngest maid and she giggled constantly with Nantoko. All three attended the Asako winter court to keep up Yoroshiku. [2]

Tage's source Edit

When Shiba Himitsu accused Yoroshiku was not of the imperial line, [3] Bashiko was sent to spy on him, and return the information to Shosuro Tage. [1] Insted gathering information she morphed in Ryuden appearance, a minor daimyo who had challenged Himitsu to a duel. Bashiko entered Himitsu's room and killed him. She escaped despite the Master of Water Isawa Tomo had magically sneaked these events and arrived to see how Bashiko left the place into the shadows. [4]

Madness Edit

Bashiko had been Shadow Branded, and she had become somehow corrupt; sending her into madness. [1] She killed Hiruma Arawa to impersonate him, [5] reaching his charge the retired Emerald Magistrate Hiruma Usigo, who was investigating Shimitsu's murder. Bashiko poisoned Usigo, and fled. [6]

Death Edit

Nantoko was found and killed by the murders' investigators. Her face turned blank and featureless (only indentations for eyes, a ridge for a nose, and a lipless, open mouth remained), and a viscous black smoke escaped from her silently screaming mouth. [7]

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