Yodotai Warlord was the title bore by the leader of the Yodotai during the Great Crusades, as the commander of its army. When a new Yodotai leader rouse to power he had to decide if he would follow with the Crusade, becoming a Warlord, or if he would end the Crusade, becoming a Yodotai Emperor and returning to the capital Octavion. It was first wielded by Octavius, founder of the Yodotai Empire. The majority of Warlords were members of the Yodotai Berserker school. [1]

Vacant Edit

All the Yodotai leaders became at the same time Warlords, with two exceptions. Marius, Octavius' son, did not expand the Empire to grant them a Law system which would bolster the future conquests. The second was Decimus, Aurelian's son, who did not take the Warlord neither the Emperor titles. He would decide if the Second Great Crusade would had ended with the second defeat of the Yodotai, the Shattering of the Jewel. [2]

Known Yodotai Warlords Edit

Octavius the First 45 - 102
Quintus 200 - ?
Piron (c. 1110)
Aurelian, thirty eighth warlord (c. 1130) - 1160


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