Yodotai Legionnaire

A Yodotai Legionnaire

The Yodotai Legionnaire served as the foundation of the Yodotai armies and was the most common type of Yodotai warrior.

Training Edit

The Legionnaire trained from childhood to become a soldier who would prove himself worthy of fighting alongside legends. The training procedures prepared the Legionnaire for all situations and drilled the maneuvers into his head. Because of the Yodotai training masters' vigilance, the Legionnaire instinctively knew how to react to every military situation and did not falter in the face of the greatest of terrors. [1]

Tactic in Close Combat Edit

The Yodotai Legionnaire used to block his enemy's line of sight with his shield. He then reached under his raised shield and using his gladius disemboweled the enemy with a vicious thrust at the abdomen. [2]

Ranks Edit

Yodotai Legionnaire 2

Yodotai Legionnaires

The Yodotai Legionnaire class encompassed several different types of units that served under the Yodotai banner. Those who had reached the first or second Rank of the School were little more than boys. These sixteen- to seventeen-year-old soldiers fought together in units called the Hastati. Once these soldiers accrued more experience in battle, they graduated into units of Principes. These third and fourth Rank warriors rushed into battle after the Hastati; the Hastati thus fight under the watchful eyes of the Principes, making them all the more determined to succeed in front of their mentors. Warriors who reached the fifth Rank guided the rest of the soldiers, serving as sergeants and commanders. They fought on the front lines and molded the young Hastati into fearsome soldiers. [3]

Learning through Experience Edit

The Yodotai Empire had expanded over thousands of miles and hundreds of cultures. Each new engagement gave the Yodotai army a chance to learn, facing strange new tactics and discovering how to defeat them. After each conquered nation, the Yodotai army grew only stronger as they merged the best of these tactics into the Yodotai Way of War. [1]

Known Techniques Edit

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Yodotai Legions

Yodotai Legions


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