Yobanjin Sorcerer

Yobanjin Shaman

Yobanjin Shamans were those yobanjin who possesed magic of their own, possessing the sheer willpower to command the Elements to do their bidding. This magic was not tied in any way to their various theological beliefs and they did not use spell scrolls. [1]

Uniting Factor Edit

Shamanism was an uniting factor in Yobanjin culture and every tribe had at least one shaman. They were equally respected and feared, as those who had been gifted to serving the gods, whith the ability to summon and bind the creatures called “wyrms”. [2]

Beliefs Edit

while the Yobanjin acknowledged hundreds of divinities, shamans prayed directly to the spirits of the wind, earth, water, and fire, warding their tribes against harmful spirits. Animal sacrifice was performed to obtain the favor of the spirits. [2]

Known Technique Edit

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