Yobanjin Incursion
Location: Phoenix lands
Date: Unknown
Major Forces:
Alliance of Yobanjin tribes,
Phoenix Clan,
Imperial Legions
Generals: Toturi Tsudao
Battles of Rokugan

The Yobanjin Incursion was the invasion of numerous Yobanjin tribes united under a single warlord, an unprecedented event. [1]

Yobanjin Initiative Edit

With more than a dozen tribes united under a single leader, the Yobanjin became a military threat. They descended upon the Phoenix provinces, burning and looting everything in their path. The invanders entrenched before the Shiba Army, normally stationed in the southern lands, could respond. [1]

Imperial Counterattack Edit

The Emperor Toturi I dispatched the Imperial Legions under the command of his eldest daughter, Toturi Tsudao. For weeks the Legions slowly pushed forward, regaining Phoenix territory. The final battle took place near the tiny Road's End Village, and Toturi Tsudao defeated the Yobanjin warlord in personal combat. [1]


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