Yattoko no Oni

Yattoko no Oni

The Yattoko no Oni lurked in the deserts of the Shadowlands, shaking itself from the sands when a prey would pass by. [1]

Appearance Edit

Almost 14 feet tall, they were like a gigantic mantis, with chitinous flesh and bulbous eyes protruding from its insect-like head. They would strike with their long pincered limbs - six legs of three segments each ended by sharp serrated pincers. the oni's pincers were in fact so sharp they can cut a katana in two. Its carapace was split down the center, like a mouth on its long body, a mouth that could swallow anything the oni can grasp. [1] The trunk of the oni's body was simply one giant stomach, having a constantly need of new preys to sat its endless hunger. [2]

Abilities Edit

The carapace of this oni was impossible to pierce with any kind of edged weapon. It was immune to Water and Fire spells. However, Yattoko's legs were fragile, and with enough leverage and power, they could break. Once its legs were severed from the body, Yattoko no Oni was practically harmless and could be dealt with a single strike through the brain. [1]

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