The Yatoshin district was the eastern part of the Kosuga district, the residents were all ronin, and contained one of the two ports of Otosan Uchi. Yatoshin was bounded by the open inlet of the Golden Sun Bay on the east, [1] laying between the port and the well-off southern suburbs. Its governorship was granted in perpetuity to the ronin Yotsu and his descendants. [2]

Yotsu Controlled Edit

In 1111, after Yotsu rescued the Imperial Heir he was given many favors, including Yotsu to take the name Yatoshin, the name of the Emperor's father, and allowed him to let his family take his name. Yotsu Ureiko, Yotsu's daughter, after training with the Falcon used her political leverage to become the governor of the district. [3]

After the Coup Edit

Control of the Kosuga district and the Tsai district, whose governor betrayed the Empire during the Scorpion Coup, was given to Hida Ureiko, who merged them in the new district Yatoshin. In 1124 Ureiko had approached the Otomo with a plan, they would force the willful Hida Kosuga into wedlock with her. Kosuga agreed to be placed in a martial post in the Plain of Fast Troubles, and married to Urieko, bringing her into one of the Great Clans. [4]


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