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Yasuki Yukinaga

Yasuki Yukinaga

Yasuki Yukinaga was a Crab Clan merchant. His mother was a Hida and his father was a Yasuki. He was a cousin of Yasuki Jinn-Kuen.

Appearance Edit

Yukinaga was a large man in a fashionable kimono. His hair and mustache were impeccably groomed. [1]

Trade Manipulation Edit

Yukinaga was tasked by Hida Benjiro to seek evidences that the crane used dishonorable tricks and petty commerce to gain leverage in Friendly Traveler Village. The crab were convinced their supposed allies had instigated bandit attacks in 1167 under surveillance of Kakita Osei so that they could raise the price on rice and increase the guards stationed there. [1]

Investigation Edit

In 1168 he met Matsu Robun, who had murdered the Kakita in an unsanctioned duel as revenge for her role in the downfall of Ikoma Masote. Robun regreted his actions and swore to close the unconclude matters of Osei, as a way to atone. Despite of their efforts they did not get any testimony. Naoharu had been appointed there to get rid off of all evidences and any who could give testimony was dispersed in remote places. The Crab were forced to take back their claim of dishonesty. [1]

Third Yasuki War Edit

After the Third Yasuki War began, the Crane had retaliated in the expected way. They used their superior economic network to diminish or even deny resources to the Crab. Things had grown so desperate Hida Benjiro had sent Yukinaga to rustle up supplies from any source that he could find. [2]

Seeking resources at Watarimono Edit

In the tiny village of Watarimono in the distant Unicorn he learned that the Crane already ahd cut off his trade agreement with the local merchant Ide Haruto. Even worse, he knew it through Haruto's servant because the village was in the way of Shiro Moto, which was currently invading by the Lion army. Yukinaga saw a ronin murdering a Unicorn butcher for his money. When the ronin, Kensaki, was confronted about this by his superior Akodo Bakin, he lied, claiming he had defended himself against an attack by the villager. Yukinaga stepped in and gave testimony of what truly had happened, and Bakin ordered the execution of Kensaki. Bakin offered in return his aid to solve Yukinaga's troubles. [2]

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