Yasuki Tsukioka 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1165

Yasuki Tsukioka was a bushi sailor of the Crab Clan.

Captain Edit

Tsukioka captained a koutetsukan patrolling the Sea of Shadows. [1]

Tainted Edit

Tsukioka had been trained to fight the Taint, yet he became its pawn in the end. He was eventually seduced by the Shadows and desired to take the Tetsubo of Thunder from its resting place on the island in the Osaku Route. Being Tainted, however, Tsukioka could not set foot upon the island because it was warded against the Shadowlands by the Kuni family. In 1165 Tsukioka sold a map of the Osaku Route to Yoritomo Rui, hoping that she would find the tetsubo and take it for herself, which she did. Tsukioka then ambushed Rui's ship in an attempt to take the tetsubo from her. [2]

Death Edit

Rui commanded his shugenja, Yoritomo Iongi, to destroy Tsukioka's ship. Iongi crippled their sail with a bolt of lightning. The resulting fire eventually sank the ship. [1]


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