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Yasuki Tenzo

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Yasuki Tenzo 
Yasuki Tenzo 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Yasuki Nokatsu

Yasuki Tenzo was a Crab Clan courtier.

Appearance Edit

Tenzo had the features and voices of a warrior, a Crab forged from their toughest stock. [1]

Nokatsu's son Edit

He was the son of Yasuki Nokatsu, [1] which sometimes caused others to treat him poorly. Tenzo desired to be known for his own merit. [2]

Station Edit

For a decade Tenzo was an ambassador and liaison, bringing fame and respect to his Clan. He was stationed at Kyuden Bayushi and reported to Hida Benjiro, who in 1176 tasked him as the matchmaker of Hida Demopen. He introduced Bayushi Naruhi to the hero of the Empire and was present in his wedding this year. [1]

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