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Yasuki Takei was the city magistrate of Friendly Traveler Village.

Serial Killer Edit

In 1165 there were eight murders in the village over the course of five months. The murders were mutilation, savage and brutal. The murdered could be made by a ranshin, a sick man who had seen too much horror and became mad. After the second murder Takei took a second yoriki, Yasuki Mikoru, to aid him and his usual yoriki Yasuki Kyuru. The last murder was his cousin, Yasuki Nuroka. Takei arrived in time to see his murderer, but he could not see his face. After a brief fought, the serial killer escaped. [1]

Ryoko Owari Edit

Takei heard a report of a similar killing in Ryoko Owari and began to check the list of travelers who had crossed the Crab border in the past months. He traveled to the city and managed to obtain a partial list of similar names from the Scorpion bribering Bayushi Shujiri, a local yoriki. Five more murders had happened at that time.

Takei was requested to show his travel papers by the magistrate Bayushi Ryoji. The Yasuki had not gain permission to track the murderer down, and wrote the travel papers himself. Takei was not skilled on forgery and was easily uncovered by Ryoji. The timely arrival of Horiuchi Nobane, commander of the Eighth Imperial Legion, who requested Takei to come with him, save the Yasuki to be imprisoned. Takei explained briefly the matter that had came him to the city. [2]

Death Edit

Takei had tracked down the killer, and prepared a trap in the place he expected the next murder would happen, a inn. He appeared at the chamber of Doji Takasu, shortly after he had died. The serial killer was Akodo Sarasa, who had been possessed by the soul of his father, a bushi dishonored in battle for unseemly brutality. Sarasa tried to fled but the magistrate had put spirit wards that blocked her exit way through the window. They fought, rolled and brake the window, the two of them tumbled forward off the roof and fell to the street, dying Sarasa, and also Takei shortly after. [2]


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