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Yasuki Takai

Yasuki Takai

Yasuki Takai was a Crab Clan courtier on assignment to Toshi Ranbo.

Sumotori Edit

Takai was an accomplished Sumotori before his career as a courtier. He was known to have defeated a wrestler named Shindana in a match at Kyuden Hida. [1]

Toshi Ranbo Edit

Takai was appointed to the Imperial Court and established his residence in the Crab Embassy. [1]

Celestial Tournament announcement Edit

In 1170 Takai and other members of the Imperial Court were blaming one each other about the Night of the Assassins. Shosuro Maru, now called the Voice of the Obsidian Moon, and Omen, the Voice of the Jade Sun, arrived to Toshi Ranbo. With the mark of Tengoku clearly shining in both of their souls they announced to all in Emerald Champion Shosuro Jimen's court, that Lord Yakamo and Lady Hitomi had been expelled from the Heavens and the Jade Dragon and the Obsidian Dragon had became the new Sun and Moon. With the line of Toturi finished it was the will of the Celestial Heavens for there to be a new Emperor, who would be chosen through a tournament to be held at Seppun Hill similar to that held by the Kami at the Dawn of the Empire. The previous discussions were forgotten. [2]

Winter Court - 1170 Edit

Takai attended winter court at Kyuden Bayushi in winter 1170-1171. The court was extended beyond the normal duration, and in 1171 the Khan was granted permisson for military movements out of his territory to confront the Army of Fire during the War of Dark Fire. Takai was worried with the notion of a Khan's march again, which recalled him the Khan's Defiance. [3]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1171 the Crab lands had been assaulted by the Destroyer's horde. The entire Crab contingent withdrew from Toshi Ranbo to help in the Destroyer War, including Yasuki Takai. Kaiu Kamui, the Jeweled Smith, remained at Empress' side, becoming the head of the Crab Embassy until Takai's return. [4]

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