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Yasuki Taira

Yasuki Taira

Yasuki Taira was a diplomat of the Crab Clan.

Winter Court - 956 Edit

In 956 Taira was attending a provincial Winter Court in the Shinjo lands when it was clear a shapeshifting oni had infiltrated the holding. Several Otaku claimed to be a Shinjo Lord, so they were imprisoned and requested to commit seppuku. [1]

Spirit Swapped Edit

Taira alongside Doji Notsuke stalked down a Shinjo samurai-ko, demanding she took her true shape and blades were drawn. Her mouth spatted yellow fog upon both of them, drawing out their spirits. Taira found himself on Notsuke's body, finishing the strike that cut the Kommei no Oni in two. The Yasuki saw his own body laying dead, torn by the oni's claws. [1] It was not known what happened later to Taira's soul, trapped in Notsuke's body.


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