Yasuki Shikaro was a Crab courtier assigend to Ryoko Owari in 1165.

Ryoko Owari Control Edit

He was informed by a monk about the Scorpion plans to change the control of the city from the Unicorn, through the War of the Rich Frog. His arrogant comments openly exposed him to Scorpion scrutiny, and Bayushi Muhito had been following him commanded by his charge Shosuro Maru. [1]

Champions of Bushido Edit

Both Scorpions followed the original source, the monk until Crossroads Village, where Muhito and Maru defended the village against a bandit attack, becoming Champions of Bushido. [2]

Manipulated Edit

Shikaro had been manipulated by the Order of Heroes, devoted to the Fortune Goemon. His leader, the monk Koan had engineered the arrival of seven samurai to the village, and Shikaro was merely a pawn for a right end. [3]


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