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Yasuki Oguri 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1157 
Parents: Yasuki Taka 
Children: Yasuki Kamoru 
Titles: Yasuki Daimyo,
Master Coin

Yasuki Oguri was a Crab Clan courtier and Kolat Master.

Family Edit

Oguri was the son of Yasuki Taka, and had a son Yasuki Kamoru. [1]

Yasuki Daimyo Edit

Oguri served as daimyo of the Yasuki family after Yasuki Taka's disappearance. [2]

Kolat Master Edit

During that same time, Oguri had become an ally of Doji Akae and Akae named Oguri his successor as Master Coin on his deathbed during the War of Spirits, [2] in the year 1149. [3]

War of Spirits Edit

Oguri was confronted in 1138 by Yasuki Masashi, a returned spirit who had been a Yasuki when the family was still a part of the Crane Clan. Masashi felt the Yasuki should return to the Crane, but Oguri refused to do so. Masashi challenged Oguri to a duel to resolve the matter, but when Oguri refused to duel him Masashi could not kill Oguri without galvanising the Yasuki with the Crab. Masashi left, intent on a new plan. [1]

Rebellion and Death Edit

Oguri did not agree with the Kolat's goal of conquering the world, and broke tradition, including naming his son, Yasuki Kamoru, as his heir. Oguri started his own war within the Kolat, and threatened the other Masters that he would use the resources of his sect and family to expose the conspiracy if they did not change their ways. Oguri died in 1157 of a disease that had only been encountered twice in the Crab's history. In truth, the Masters had poisoned Oguri, [2] through a Lotus assassin. [3]

Successor Edit

His son named himself the new Master Coin. Despite the other Masters' refusal to recognize his claim, many of Oguri's agents chose to follow Kamoru. [3]

Preceded by:
Yasuki Taka
Yasuki Daimyo
1133 - 1157
Succeeded by:
Yasuki Kamoru
Preceded by:
Doji Akae
Master Coin
1149 - 1157
Succeeded by:
Moshi Shanegon


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