Yasuki Nori 
Yasuki Nori 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1123 
Parents: Yasuki Toketsu

Yasuki Nori was a gokenin and Merchant of the Crab Clan. [1]

Kyuden Toketsu Edit

In 1088 Nori inherited Kyuden Toketsu, the holding built by his father Yasuki Toketsu. When Nori's wife died having born him no children, it became unclear who would inherit the land. [2] His retainers were Yasuki Kyume, Karo and seneschal, and the ronin Goshiro, his personal yojimbo. In 1123 Nori took the young geisha Suko as his concubine. She became a great help to him of late, and Nori heeded her advice. [3]

Strange Happenings Edit

This year Nori was concerned with an unexplained phenomena which had troubled his house for a year, but it was not until the mysterious disappearance of his personal physician and shugenja that Nori asked his powerful friends for a favor. Magistrates were summoned to Kyuden Toketsu to investigate. With rumors of a recent coup in the capital, the populace was paranoid and frantic. [4]

Death Edit

Nori was overwhelmed by the events and decided to leave the entire valley to Suko. He met the magistrates and shortly after he committed seppuku. [5]

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