Yasuki Nobuto 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Yasuki Kiringu 
Siblings: Yasuki Jiriki 
Titles: Nobuto Family Founder

Yasuki Nobuto was the first son of Yasuki Kiringu, the Yasuki Daimyo who broke with the Crane Clan and joined the Crab. He became the founder of the Nobuto family. [1]

Training Edit

Jiriki was sent to the Hida Bushi School, where he trained for two years, and he earned the Crab's respect for his wit and cunning. [2]

Vassal Family Edit

His younger brother Yasuki Jiriki was trained in the Hida Bushi School and appointed as a well respected gunso in the Crab armies. Soon after Jiriki led his command to the Yasuki lands and staged an attack on a small Crane village. The Kakita Daimyo ordered a counterattack, but when he realized the Crab supported the newcomers, the Crane were forced to withdraw, rather than escalate the conflict into open war. Kiringu bestowed the vassal family name Nobuto upon his first son and charged his descendants with maintaining strong ties to the Crab armies. [1]

Preceded by:
Nobuto Daimyo
4th century
Succeeded by:


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