Yasuki Noa was a courtier of the Crab Clan.

Advisor Edit

Noa was a high-strung young woman who was handpicked by Hida Kotone, the newly selected Crab ambassador in the Colonies, as her advisor. Two days before Noa had won her a game of go, cheating when they were counting territory. Kotone had realized it, and had seen the natural courtly talents of her new attendant. Kaiu Masa was appointed as her yojimbo. [1]

Second City Edit

In the Second City Noa had a good network of informants, and maintained good ties with the Scorpion Clan. Noa also was involved in some of the more covert trading activities in the Colonies. She got sick frequently and Noa began to grow homesick. [2] Noa began to be cared by a gaijin healer, Abhya. [3]

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