Daidoji Naosuke was a harrier of the Crane Clan who joined the Yasuki family as Yasuki Naosuke. He became a member of the Kolat conspiracy. [1]

Harrier Edit

Daidoji Naosuke was a Daidoji Harrier, until he was expelled after it was discovered he was selling Daidoji defensive strategies to the Moto. He was reassigned to a trading vessel far from any combat and forgotten. [1]

Kolat Edit

Naosuke swore fealty to the Crane Yasuki out of disgust, and he was easily recruited by the Kolat Silken Sect, becoming a powerful oyabun in the Wharf District of Musume Mura. Naosuke and his agents used all matter of earthly pleasures to pry away their visitors' secrets. [1]

Treaty with the Phoenix Edit

Naosuke as a diplomat worked with the Phoenix Clan a trade treaty for Musume Mura. [2]

Blood Hunt Edit

In 1166 during the Blood Hunt Naosuke sold to Doji Tsukiro information about the movement of the Imperial Legions. Naosuke knew Tsukiro was a bloodspeaker, who would return with his fellows to lead them into safety. The Yasuki had informed an Emerald Magistrate, Shinjo Yushiro, who followed the cultist to destroy the full cell. [3]


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