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Yasuki Namika 
Yasuki Namika 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1166

Yasuki Namika was a Crab Clan bushi and courtier.

Crab Yasuki Edit

Namika was born in a minor branch of the Yasuki family. She turned her own father in to the authorities for stealing from the Crab. Namika's honor earned her a more prestigious post within her family. [1] When the Yasuki provinces became part of the Crane Clan Namika remained a Crab even when many of her brethren joined the Crane. [2]

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

Namika was thin and pale with a strange, aristocratic beauty. She was subtle and discreet. [2]

Training Edit

After the War of Spirits Namika was trained during two years among the Kakita and learned the way of politics and the arts. [3]

Retaking of the Kaiu Wall Edit

Namika killed seven of Daigotsu's Obsidian Magistrates during the retaking of the Kaiu Wall. [2]

Twenty Goblin Winter Edit

In 1160 Hida Benjiro selected Namika as political liaison to help him in escorting Akodo Kaneka's ronin followers to Shinsei's Last Hope seeking to gain fealty to the Crab in a Twenty Goblin Winter which had been edicted by Hida Kuroda two years ago. [2]

Shinsei's Last Hope Edit

She fought at Shinsei's Last Hope during the battle where Yasuki Hachi swore fealty to the Crab. [3]

Four Winds March Edit

Her lord Hida Kuon tasked her to find able and brave samurai to fight alongside the Crab forces in the Four Winds March to the City of the Lost. Namika owed a favor to Kuon's wife Hida Reiha and had decided to repay it by personally interviewing those she sent to her.

Sunda Mizu Mura Edit

Namika was appointed at Sunda Mizu Mura as responsible for all the tax collection throughout the Yasuki provinces, and also the influx of koku coming from Crane lands to aid their Crab allies. [1] She was approached by Doji Jurian, the local Crane courtier and member of the Gozoku. Jurian attempted to have a Gozoku's foothold within the Crab Clan through Namika, but her loyalties remained with the Emperor. Namika played a dangerous game, and made believe Jurian their discussions had fostered seeds of doubt on her. [1]

Death Edit

Namika was killed in 1166 by Ide Haichang when the Unicorn realized that Namika was working against the Gozoku. Haichang ensured that Namika's replacement would be more receptive to Gozoku's overtures. [1]

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